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What price are you willing to pay for a great brazilian?

16 Aug

Lately, I have been very disturbed by how many internet “deals” are advertising brazilans for $30 or less. I did partake in ONE internet deal with and I charged $38 for my brazilians. I didn’t want to get on the discount train like many other businesses because my image and reputation are both very important to me. I did the Gilt City deal for Marketing purposes and I chose Gilt City because of their reputation for being “Luxury”. I must say that I was very happy with the type of clients I had received and I was able to retain a lot of them where they now pay me full price.

With that being said, I am tired of seeing businesses undermine themselves by discounting on countless websites like Living Social, Buywithme, kgbdeals, bloomspot, etc. I feel like as a society we are creating this nasty bug of devalueing Professionals and their craft. I know when I had worked in my former job at a spa, whenever I had to take care of discounted clients, I didn’t put my all and “best” into my work because I knew they had paid less, and most of the time they didn’t come back, so why waste my energy? I wonder how many of these businesses can actually retain a high percentage of these people coming in for a cheap service? From talking to other business owners, it seems that many of them have a very low retention rate. Also, as a technician, when you are working back to back, it is hard to maintain a high level of service when you don’t have much time to rest.

What is my point? My point is you receive what you pay for! I know that I am one of the best in performing brazilians and I strive to give great service to every client that comes in and that is why I am where I am today. Yes, I’m not cheap, but do you want a QUALITY service where I will take care of you and make sure you don’t have a nightmare experience, or do you want something cheap where you have no idea if the person is even an Esthetician (they’re probably a nail tech) or if they even care if you are in a pain or not? The vagina area is no joke y’all. There is a lot of nerve endings and soft tissue that can easily tear, if you want to risk injury and pain, it is up to you, but in my opinion, leave it to the professionals even if you do have to spend $30-$40 more.