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What can you do to make the wax less painful?

24 Apr

Here are some common scenarios that I often encounter and my advice on what you can do to make the waxing experience less painful:

1) You come in a week before your period is expected to come.

You are usually the most sensitive the week before your period, so this is the time that you actually want to avoid. Try to book your appointment a couple weeks before or after your period, this is when you will feel less sensitive.

2) It’s been months since your last brazilian.

Coming in habitually will save you from pain in a couple different ways. One, because the hair is shorter there is less pulling that needs to be done to pull the hair out of the follicle. Two, the more you come the easier it gets, resulting in less surprises.

3) You come in and you forgot to trim.

If  I see that your hair is super long, I will trim your hair, but if you come late to the appointment and my books are full, the trimming is not going to be as thorough. If your hair is super long, it is best that you trim your hair. When the hair is super long, there is much more torque involved to pull the hair out of the follicle and this is why it hurts more.  The key to trimming your hair is that you want to make sure it doesn’t get too short, otherwise the wax cannot be performed. Just keep in mind that your hair has to be at least a quarter of inch long in order to get waxed.

4) Your skin was not pulled taut enough.

I often will put my clients in certain positions and I will have them help me pull their skin taut, since I don’t have enough hands to do the waxing and keep the skin taut all at the same time. When I ask my clients to do this, I notice that some are not pulling the skin as taut as they should. I try to counteract by pulling taut on my end, but if we both were pulling the skin at the maximum taut level, the pain level would significantly be lower.

5) First time or you know you have a low pain threshold.

If this is your first time or if you know that you have a low pain tolerance, then do yourself a favor and take a pain reliever at least half an hour before your appointment.